Divorce and Family Law

I am passionate about helping each and every client make informed and confident decisions about his/her family in the most cost-effective fashion that is reasonably possible.

I have extensive experience representing individuals before the Commonwealth’s Probate And Family Courts in Divorce, Paternity, Guardianship and Restraining Order matters, and advising clients on issues including Child Support, Custody And Visitation, Alimony, Asset Division and Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements.  A former guardian ad litem investigator in contested custody cases, I regularly assists clients manage even the most difficult custody and probate matters, as well as cases involving complex asset and financial landscapes that require keen attention to business and accounting practices.

Please feel free to click on the links for more information about the specific family law issues that I can help you with. This is only general information, however.  Click here if you would like to speak with me about your own divorce or family law issue.

The Process of Obtaining a Divorce
Custody and Visitation
Child Support
How Assets are Divided in a Divorce
Children Born to Unmarried Parents
Restraining Orders

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